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About SABIGLOBAL teamSABIGLOBAL core team of founders and developers has been developing unique, innovative biotechnologies in the area of mobile health and rejuvenation over the past 20 years.

Victor Trifoi

Victor TrifoiCo-founder, CEO

SABIGLOBAL - Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, BIOMEDIS Technologies Co. - Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, WATTLE EXCHANGE - Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Sergei Solovev

Sergei SolovevCo-founder, COO

The Co-founder and head of the company producer in the sector of diagnostic health improvement technologies BIOMEDIS Technologies Co. Ph.D. Information technologies. Top manager. Radio physics Co author of range of patents for neurocomputer and technologies of virtual neural networks “EMBRION” and devices of health improvement direction.

Sabukhi Sharifov

Sabukhi SharifovCo-founder, CTO

SABIGLOBAL - Chief Technical Officer & Co-founder, BIOMEDIS Technologies Co. - Chief Technical Officer & Co-founder. Co-founder and Chief engineer of production company in sector of diagnostic and health improvement technologies. Inventor. Developer of range of devices for health improvement. Head of engineering center. Radio engineer. Co-author of range of articles on application of neurocomputer “EMBRION” and patents for the devices. Scientific practical activity, engineering, development.

Vladimir Tcygankov

Vladimir TcygankovCRO

CRO (Director for Scientific Research) at SABIGLOBAL. CRO (Director for Scientific Research) at BIOMEDIS Technologies Co. Gr.Ph.D IAIT, Candidate of technical sciences, corresponding member of International Academy of Informational support. Radio engineer, neurocybernetic scientist, author and head of development of range of works and models of virtual neurocomputer “EMBRION”, author of more than 170 publications, 13 monographs and 5 patents of RF and USSR. Member of International Scientific Public Union “IAIT”. Paradigm justification “Embryo” V.Tsigankov, I.Dovghiy. Author certificate USSR “Learning machine” #36028, 1967 Request 1966. “Modulation of mechanisms of inter sensory transfer as the most important element of artificial intelligence.” Thesis of candidate of technology sciences 1973. “Neurocomputer and brain” 2001 B) Main monographs: “The Universe of Hawking and neurocomputer” 2000, “Universal intelligence and quantum neurocomputer” 2002 “Virtual neurocomputer “EMBRION ”” 2005 “Is there mind and consciousness and where are they in neurocomputer “EMBRION ”” 2007 “Virtual neurocomputer “EMBRION ” as complicated dissipative dynamic system” 2007 C) Publications in different editions in Russia, Ukraine (Zaporozhye), reports and performances on International Aerospace forum, on Russia conferences “Neurocomputer and their application”, on meeting of developers of rocket-and-space and aviation equipment, on conference “Problem of perfection in science”, in medical institutions and universities of Moscow, MSU , Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Ryazan, Penza, on seminars. In total there are more than 112 published works on institution’s thematics.

Nikolay Ignatik

Nikolay IgnatikTeamlead Software Engineer

Over 12 years of experince in software development in different areas like algorithms of compressing, web development, machine learning in medical diagnostics, big data, and more. Aiming to invent creative solutions, find innovated ideas. Connecting not connectable.

Ilia Sdobnov

Ilia SdobnovCMO

Over 8 years of experience in marketing. The founder of Russian company Smart kit. Successful promotion of projects in digital and real sectors. Cooperation with international tender projects in the economic sector and industrial production sector. Russian University of tourism and service (master)

Ilia Gorlachev

Ilia GorlachevCFO

Education: Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. Department: Credit and Finance. Professional participant of the Russian stock market. Holder of FSFR 1.0, FSFR 2.0, FSFR 5.0 certificates. Over 8 years of operational experience in the financial sector. Key competence - analysis of geopolitical processes and their influence on the world financial markets. Experience: Barclays Bank. Establishment and development of an o􀃺ce in Costa Rica AML PLS. Currently Ilya is the co-founder of, is engaged in ICO analytics and architecture.

Svetlana Davidova

Svetlana DavidovaDesigner

Design and design of web interfaces Interface design for DLPsystem The development of the blockchain ICO platform

Tatyana Golubovskaya

Tatyana GolubovskayaMarketing manager

Development and implementation, analysis of advertising campaigns participation in the development of advertising materials (elements of o􀃷-air content promotion),preparation and analysis of reports, work with research databases

Alexey Ivakhin

Alexey IvakhinFullstack developer

Team lead development team frontend / fullstack - architecture, setting tasks, code review, process control, developer competence

Grigory Skazochkin

Grigory SkazochkinFrontend / UI

Refactoring of the main site, development and improvement of the frontend of the subsystems of the portal and the new front-end architecture

Anna Shakhnazarova

Anna ShakhnazarovaCommunity manager

Communication with potential and existing users and partners of Sabiglobal with the help of social networks and other Internet sites in order to information and maintenance of interest in the company's projects and products

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Gerald Manshin

Gerald Manshin

Scientist in the field of technical cybernetics, management. Corresponding Member of the NationalAcademy of Sciences of Belarus (1994), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1983), Professor (1986).

Sergey Petukhov

Sergey Petukhov

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Candidate of Biological Sciences, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Academician of a number of National and International Academies. Head of the laboratory of biomechanical systems of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Nikolai Timofejev

Nikolai Timofejev

Professional Summary:
Legal advisor with 15 yaers of career experience in business, IT and legal environments. Business law expert skilful at creating and building on relationships and identifying and helping to establish company positioning.
Core Qualifications:
Master degree of Law;
Professional Qualifications;
Contract management and negotiations;
Business and legal expertise;
Excellent communication skills.
Key Skills:
Strong Knowledge of business and private law.
Work Experience:
Legal Advisor at BCC CONSULT Ltd «Prifinance», Tallinn Estonia 2013 – Present Day;
Protecting company interests and maintaining a strong business position through revision to contracts.
Reviewing various contracts and recommending revisions when necessary.
Researching the current legal position of the company to present it in the best light possible at all times.


SABIGLOBAL core team of founders and developers has been developing unique, innovative biotechnologies in the area of mobile health and rejuvenation over the past 20 years. AI (artificial intelligence) development through the process of creation of self-organizing virtual macroquantum neural networks operating on the principle of brain functioning.

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