System of Adaptive Biometric Identification


A built-in or external module and software for its maintenance carry out the process of user identification and authentication.

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It is a global distributed authentication network based on the blockchain technology.

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In the future SABI project can replace all paper documents and identification markers and create a basis for free trade based on smart contracts using the SABI authentication.


It is SABI hard drive with biometric identification and authentication.

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SABI technology

It is based on the analysis of the high-frequency electromagnetic field of the person - an innovation in the area of biometrics.

The entire human body - all cells - acts as an "imprint", so the permanence of its characteristics is very high.

The system is open for operation only when the user is within the system scanning range. SABI can act as a global identity card.

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Safety first

Security is your freedom from threats and negative situations. Everything else becomes possible only in conditions of security.

Today the best biometric authentication systems are not fully reliable.

The existing methods of identification have many drawbacks


Most identification technologies are incompatible with each other and the user must use several methods to access different systems.

Complexity of use

The user must remember and store all logins and passwords, have physical access keys with him/her.

Costs for equipment

Different methods of identification require different equipment, this entails an increase in the costs for the purchase and maintenance of the entire infrastructure.

Decreasing reliability

Most modern technologies are susceptible to hacking, data diddling and counterfeiting.

How does SABI deal with these drawbacks?

Security and reliability

  • The electromagnetic profile of the body cannot be lost throughout lifetime and it is impossible to fake it.
  • SABI technology is safe for the user, since its radiating power is less than the radiating power of smartphones, WiFi networks and other consumer electronics.

Simplicity and ease of use

  • The only one hardware module that can be used both individually and as a part of complex corporate and international systems.
  • The authentication process does not require any actions from the user.


  • No need for permanent connection to the servers to carry out the authentication process.

Continuous authentication

  • Automatic verification of authenticity in the course of the user's work, without additional actions on his/her part.

SABI tokens for product payment and ecosystem development


    The token acts as a fee for using the hardware and software part of SABI.


    The token acts as a unit of values exchange within the system and allows users to earn and spend tokens within our ecosystem.


    SABI platform users will get tokens as a remuneration for the improvement of the existing hardware and software complex and development of the partner and branch network.


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SABIGLOBAL project development roadmap

Q1/2017 - Q2/2018

  • Idea
  • Research and development
  • Strategy development
  • Market research
  • Team building
  • Brand development

Q3 - Q4/2018

  • Start of research and development works
  • Patenting of SABI technology (Stage 1)
  • Registration of SABIGLOBAL operating company under the jurisdiction of MALTA
  • Submission of documents for license obtaining
  • Carrying out of a marketing campaign

Q4/2018 - Q2/2019

  • SABI token creation
  • Private sale carrying out
  • Production of SABI working prototype

Q3/2019 - Q1/2020

  • Acquisition of equipment
  • Creation of a team of specialists
  • Patenting (2nd stage)
  • Carrying out of a pre-sale and crowd sale
  • Development, patenting and licensing of SABI-storage batch product
  • Development of SABI-net blockchain platform
  • PR campaign
  • Presentation of SABI technology to the corporate sector
  • Conclusion of contracts, development and implementation of SABI-auth in industry areas
  • Adding of SABI token to the listing of cryptocurrency exchanges

Q2/2020 - Q3/2020

  • Manufacturing of a production batch of SABI-storage
  • SABI-storage sales start
  • Service and support

Q4/2020 - Q4/2021

  • Technology evolution
  • Development and production of new products
  • Service and support
  • Further development of SABI-net blockchain platform
  • Development of a mobile application
October 10, 2018

SABI — biometric identification of new generation

Authentication and authorization are the most important parts of any information security system.

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January 28, 2019

ICO SABIGLOBAL Project’s Summary

SABIGLOBAL develops a new universal, reliable and convenient biometrics that doesn’t require fingerprints, gait analysis, voice recognition, face or eye scan or vein pattern.

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October 18, 2018


System of Adaptive Biometric Identification

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October 18, 2018


At all times, humanity needed protection and security.

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1-2 NOVEMBER 2018


Triq Paolo Debono, L-Imsida, Malta

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28 NOVEMBER 2018

SIGMA - IGaming Malta

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